Angel Terrero

TIU Stories: Overcome

Angel Terrero

As a Psychology major at TIU, God is equipping me with the tools to better understand those who I have around me. My passion is to serve God and others, so this education means the world to me! 

For many years, my life represented death, destruction, and darkness. I started using drugs at the age of 12 and continued down that path until the point of losing everything. However, praise God for redemption! During my darkest trial I called out to the Savior that had introduced Himself to me in my adolescence. He became real to me!

TIU Florida Overcome July 2014

Today, I work very closely with my church and have the blessing of serving the congregation through numerous ministries. This is the home church to the students within the faith-based substance abuse program that I graduated from. On a day to day basis, I get the opportunity to work side by side with these men who are broken and in despair, just like I once was.

So far, this process has been difficult and intimidating, but nonetheless, filled with blessings. I have no idea how I do it, but God allows me to serve in different ministries, while working full time in admissions and studying full time at TIU. 

Overall, I can stand firm and proclaim that TIU is, “Forming students to transform the world through Christ” and I have the honor and joy of being one of them – an overcomer!

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