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Lorraine P. Tracey, M.S.

Adjunct Instructor


Ed.D, Nova Southeastern University, Pursuing
M.S., St. Thomas University
B.S., Florida International University


Lorraine Tracey is a seasoned educator, entrepreneur, training consultant, ministry director, mentor,
and international motivational speaker. Prof. Tracey is the Chief Executive Officer and Educational
Consultant with Legacy Learning, Inc., and the Principal of the International School of Broward, a
public charter school in South Florida. She also serves as Adjunct Professor at the Florida Academy of
Nursing. A transformative and erudite academic visionary, Prof. Tracey’s life has been one of service
to the community and to learners from age one to one hundred. She has developed numerous
initiatives and programs that teach, inspire, and motivate others to fully understand their innate gifts
and talents, dream big, and take definitive action to walk their path of purposeful living.

A consummate teacher, Prof. Tracey has unbridled passion for infusing scholarly rigor and an
insatiable desire for lifelong learning. She is a champion for advancing the welfare of women and
children, and her passion for serving the needs of the marginalized, disenfranchised, and vulnerable
knows no bounds. With her vast wheel-well of knowledge, expertise and experience, Prof. Tracey has
developed and facilitated numerous conferences, summits, workshops, and initiatives to advance and
inspire excellence in teaching and learning. She has served in private, charter, and public schools and
administered her duties in Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, and Adult divisions. Her passion
for Christian education is unparalleled.

Additionally, Prof. Tracey is an internationally acclaimed forum speaker and presenter and a
prominent lead in the Jamaica Diaspora Education Task Force, a global engagement group with a
mission to enhance and enrich the educational experience for children in the Caribbean. She is a
consultant on various levels, including her role as the architect and writer for several
transformational educational programs and initiatives that have been adopted in various institutions.

Prof. Tracey currently serves several organizations, boards and advisory groups in various capacities:
Chief Executive Officer, Director, President, Vice-president, Public Relations, Treasurer, Educational
Advisor, and Accreditation Chair. She is also the founding member of several community
organizations and programs and is actively involved in many philanthropic initiatives including: Legacy
Leaning, Pledge2build, Whimsical Writers, I Am Africa, Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, Rez
Summer Enrichment, Miramar Community Development Center, SHDHS Alumni Assn., Heritage
Preservation, CHI Student Cultural Exchange, among others.

Personal Interests
Finally, Prof. Tracey is an author and poet with a passion for motivational works and children’s
literature. She is also actively involved in several ministries: Sanctity for Human Life, Clergy Wives,
Women’s, Children’s, Youth, Early Childhood, Parish Council, Community Outreach, Mercy and
Benevolence, to name a few. Prof. Tracey is the wife of a minister and has three young adult children,
one dog, and two birds. In her free time, she loves to putt around in her garden, write poetry and
novellas, and travel.