Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Tuition Costs

Trinity Graduate School (Florida) & TEDS (Florida) 2020-21 Costs and Fees

TEDS/TGS Tuition Per Credit Hour
Tuition (1-12 hrs) $720/hr
Overload fee (13+ hrs) $350/hr
Audit fee $130/hr
Comprehensive Fee Per Semester
Full-time load (9+ hours) $350/sem
Part-time load (1–8 hours) $200/sem
Continuation Fee Per Semester
First Two Years $375/sem
After Two Years $600/sem

Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Fee Per Credit Hour
Tuition $555/hr
Audit fee $130/hr
Comprehensive Fee Per Semester
Full-time load (12+ hours) $350/sem
Part-time load (1–11 hours) $200/sem
Challenge Exams
Nonrefundable administrative fee, per exam $125
 Charge, per hour $125
Transcription Fee $50
A per-course and/or exam (CLEP) fee charged to current students for transfer credit evaluation.
PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) $135
PLA Administrative Fee $135

Applicable Fees For Both Schools (All Programs)

Administration Withdrawal Fee, per course $130
Application Fee $45
Graduation Fee $160
Late Payment Fine $45
Late Registration Fee $105
Late Registration Fee for Audit $55
Returned Check Fee $40
Withdrawal Fee per Course $80

Ways to Pay

Payment in Full

Make checks payable to Trinity International University or you can make an online payment. Payments can also be made by using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover accepted).

Financial Aid

For those who qualify, an award letter will be sent summarizing the financial aid package.

Only students who are degree seeking and maintain at least a half-time status may qualify for federal loan options.

Monthly Payment Plan

Your monthly payment plan can be figured by dividing the estimated semester balance by the number of months (3, 4, or 5 months) left in the semester.

Employer Reimbursement

After each class, you will receive an invoice; the payment will be due within 45 days. (Remember to add a $100 employer reimbursement fee to your estimated balance.)

Veteran’s Benefits

The Financial Aid Office of TIU-Florida coordinates veteran’s benefits for eligible students.  Contact Dennis Martinez at [email protected] or (954) 382-6461. For more information on veteran’s benefits, please visit