Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Diploma Information

Diplomas are generally mailed one semester (7 to 9 months) after all the course requirements have been satisfied. If you need official verification of your degree before you receive your diploma, please contact the Records Office.

Why does it take so long for me to receive my diploma?

The following procedures must take place before diplomas are released:

 Final grades submitted by instructor  6 to 8 weeks
 Student’s file audited & degree posted by Records Office  8 to 12 weeks
 Diploma ordered & received by Student Services Office  4 to 6 weeks

Special Notes:

  • Degrees are posted three times a year: March, August, and November.
  • All diploma orders are processed by Deerfield, IL campus.
  • Once the diploma arrives at the TIU-Florida, the Student Services Office will notify the alum through letter correspondence, email or telephone.

If there is an error on my diploma, what should I do to secure a replacement?

In order to secure a replacement in the event of an error, the original diploma must be returned in person or via mail to the Student Services Office. It will take approximately 8-12 weeks to order a corrected diploma.

What are the procedures for ordering a duplicate diploma?

The University does NOT issue duplicate diplomas under any circumstances. This measure is taken to protect Alumni from identity theft. If your diploma was permanently lost or destroyed, a replacement diploma may be ordered. From the time of receipt of the form to issuance of the replacement takes 8 – 12 weeks.

Requests for a replacement diploma must be made in writing and contain the following information:

  • Name (as it was when you graduated from TIU)
  • Student ID number and Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Date of Birth
  • Degree received and graduation date
  • Address to mail replacement diploma
  • Explanation of what happened to your original diploma
  • Signature

Return of the original damaged diploma with your request is required; if that is not possible because the original diploma is completely lost or destroyed, TIU reserves the right to deny the request.

I am moving shortly after graduation. How can I make sure I get my diploma?

You may request that your diploma be held for pick-up or you may submit a Change of Address Form via U.S. postal mail or through fax to the Records Office at (954) 382-6420. Please indicate that you would like to have your diploma mailed to the new address.

What if I need someone else to pick up my diploma?

If you wish to have someone pick up your diploma for you, a Diploma Release Form must be signed and faxed to the Student Services Office. In addition, the person claiming your diploma must bring a photo I.D. and sign the Diploma Release Form giving them permission to claim your diploma. For additional information, please contact the Student Service Office at (954) 382-6413 or email [email protected] .