Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Mental Health Counseling

A track intended to train students to become licensed professionals in the state of Florida, the Mental Health Counseling Concentration takes 27 hours to complete and requires a field-based internship.

Required Courses (21 hours)

CP 5120 Substance Abuse Counseling 3 hours
CP 6015 Community Counseling 3 hours
CP 6610 Human Sexuality 3 hours
CP 6650 Multicultural Issues in Counseling 3 hours
CP 7450 Psychopathology 3 hours
CP 7961 Internship in Counseling I* 3 hours
CP 7962 Internship in Counseling II* 3 hours

Concentration Electives (3-6 hours). Select one or two courses:

CP5140 Principles of Guidance and Counseling 3 hours
CP 6625 Theoretical Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy 3 hours
CP 8000 Current Studies in Counseling and Psychology 3 hours
CP 6530 Child and Adolescent Counseling 3 hours
CP 7140 Crisis Counseling 3 hours
CP 7950 Counseling Practicum* 3-6 hours
CP 7963 Advanced Counseling Practicum* 3-6 hours

*As of January 2001, State of Florida licensing requirements for internship are 1,000 contact hours. Students unable to meet this requirement in two semesters of internship can enroll in further onsite work using CP 7950 Counseling Practicum or CP 7963 Advanced Counseling Practicum as one of the Mental Health Counseling concentration electives.

Capstone (Required for students pursuing licensure):

CP 7961 Internship in Counseling I 3 hours
CP 7962 Internship in Counseling II 3 hours