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Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

BA Elementary Education

Where Can This Degree Take Me?

The early years of a child’s education are crucial as they shape the human capacity for future learning and development. TIU-Florida’s Elementary Education program is dedicated to preparing educators for this mission. In every course, students are encouraged to explore their role as Christians in teaching and influencing children.

TIU-Florida will prepare you to be a part of the development process, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed to become an effective educator and leader in the classroom. Professors introduce you to the expanding literature in the field of education. Course work provides needed credits to qualify for elementary certification from the State of Florida.

What can I do after completing the Elementary Education Program*?

  • Teach in public, charter, Christian, or International schools
  • Assist in curriculum development as a grade level chair
  • Tutor students
  • Work in group homes assisting students.

What Will I Study?

Along with the core required courses across all majors, students pursuing an Elementary Education degree will complete the core educational courses. Additionally, this educational experience will include a final step toward developing competency as an educator in the ED400E Student Teaching course comprised of 12 weeks in an elementary classroom.

  • Elementary Education Core (51 hours)

    COM 112 Speech 3 hours
    ED 240 Foundations of Education 3 hours
    ED 260 Foundations of Psychology/Human Development 3 hours
    ED 230 Exceptional Children 3 hours
    ED 339* Fundamentals of Elementary Education 2 hours
    ED 110 Teaching for Teachers 2 hours
    ED 305 Reading Fundamentals 3 hours
    ED 330 Reading: Literacy Development and Assessment 3 hours
    ED 234 Children’s Literature 2 hours
    ED 347 Elementary Math Methods 2 hours
    ED 351 Language Arts Methods 2 hours
    ED 346 Elementary Science Methods 2 hours
    ED 342 Health and Physical Education Methods 2 hours
    ED 348 Elementary Music Education 2 hours
    ED 344 Social Studies Methods in the Elementary Classroom 2 hours
    ED 307 Elementary Art Education 2 hours
    ED 400 Student Teaching in the Elementary School 9 hours
    MA 200 Mathematical Concepts 4 hours
    TOTAL 51 hours


*Please be advised that the very nature of this Professional Program is to equip students with the skills and abilities needed to gain Elementary Education Licensure Certification within the state of Florida. Students DO NOT automatically receive certification in Elementary Education; rather, they obtain a formal degree in Liberal Arts.