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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership


Where Can This Degree Take Me?

The Organizational Leadership major prepares students to lead more effectively through the development of communication, organizational and analytical skills. Through a thoughtful blend of theory and application, students are able to understand how to work effectively as leaders in organizations including business, social services, educational, and religious organizations.

Throughout the major, students are encouraged to bring insights from experience into the classroom and to apply learning from the classroom in the workplace.

What can I do after completing the Organizational Leadership Program?

Students who complete a BA in Organizational Leadership may find themselves in any of the following roles:

  • Department Supervisor
  • Communications Director
  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Public Relations Director
  • Non-profit Organization Manager
  • Community Development Specialist
  • Human Resource Trainer

The Organizational Leadership degree also serves as a springboard for a variety of advanced degree programs, such as an MBA or doctoral program.

What Will I Study?

In addition to the core required courses across all majors, students pursuing an Organizational Leadership degree will focus on the following areas:

  • Organizational Leadership Core (48 hours)

    BUS 111 Principles of Management 3 hours
    BUS 115 Human Resource Management 3 hours
    BUS 113 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
    BUS 202 Intro to Management Information Systems 3 hours
    BUS 301 Legal Environment of Organizations 3 hours
    BUS 302 Project Management 3 hours
    BUS 328 Quantitative Skills for Managers 3 hours
    BUS 340 Visionary Leadership 3 hours
    BUS 341 Leading Terms 3 hours
    BUS 346 Organizational Behavior 3 hours
    BUS 351 Organizational Change & Development 3 hours
    BUS 470 Strategic Planning 3 hours
    BUS 471 Leadership & Organizational Culture 3 hours
    BUS 481 Organizational Ethics 3 hours
    COM 221 Business & Professional Communication 3 hours
    COM 335 Intercultural Comm in a Global Context 3 hours

Our Faculty

Trinity faculty members bring passion, knowledge, and real-world experience to life in the classroom. Below are just some of the faculty you may study with during your time as an Organizational Leadership student at Trinity.

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