Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


BA / P

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Where Can This Degree Take Me?

Are you looking for a Psychology degree where you will learn about the current research in the field from a distinctly Christian worldview? The Psychology degree at Trinity International University-Florida will not only prepare you for further study in the field of psychology but also equip you for many careers related to the field of Psychology.

Study under professors who have both clinical experiences and research backgrounds, providing a holistic approach to psychology in every class. Application of psychological principles along with the integration of a biblical worldview will encourage you to grow in your personal life, interpersonal relationships, spiritual well-being and professional competencies, as will the rich diversity of experiences bring to each class.

What can I do after completing the Psychology Program?

Students who earn their BA in Psychology may serve in a variety of professional roles, including:

  • Behavioral Specialist
  • Child Development Worker
  • Parent Educator
  • Probation Officer
  • Corrections Officer
  • Youth Offender Officer
  • Public Safety Officer
  • Industrial Relations Manager
  • Intake Counselor
  • Teacher

What Will I Study?

In addition to the core required courses across all majors, students pursuing a Psychology degree will focus on the following areas:

  • Psychology Core (50 hours)

    PSY 140 Introduction to Psychology 3 hours
    PSY 220 Interpersonal Skills Training 3 hours
    PSY 255 Psychology of Addiction 3 hours
    PSY 285 Statistics 3 hours
    PSY 300 Personality Theories 3 hours
    PSY 310 Abnormal Psychology 3 hours
    PSY 320 Theories of Learning 3 hours
    PSY 330 Developmental Psychology 3 hours
    PSY 346 Research Methods and Design 3 hours
    PSY 356 Conflict Management 3 hours
    PSY 371 Dynamics of Group Behavior 3 hours
    PSY 381 Counseling Theories 3 hours
    PSY 382 Crisis Counseling 3 hours
    PSY 383 Marital Counseling 3 hours
    PSY 384 Parent Education 3 hours
    PSY 440 Integration of Psychology and the Christian Faith 3 hours
    TOTAL 50 hours