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Master of Arts / Theological Studies

Master of Arts / Theological Studies

Where Can This Degree Take Me?

The MA/TS is an intentionally broad initial degree in theological studies. Combining academic rigor and spiritual depth, and incorporating biblical, theological, historical, global and practical ministry studies, the MA/TS equips students for multi-faceted service to Christ and His kingdom. It is also an excellent theological degree that prepares graduates for further theological education through additional degrees at TEDS or other schools. The flexibility inherent in the MA/TS enables students to tailor their program to meet their personal educational and vocational goals.

What can I do after completing the Theological Studies Program?

This program of concentrated theological study prepares students for a variety of vocations under the lordship of Christ. The MA/TS is suitable for:

  • Senior or solo pastors and associate pastoral staff.
  • Church Planters
  • Program staff, either vocational or lay, in local churches working with children, youth and adults.
  • Campus and parachurch ministry leaders.
  • Chaplains.
  • Teachers in Christian primary and secondary schools.
  • Students who wish to pursue additional theological education at masters or doctoral levels.
  • Persons engaged in speaking and writing ministries.
  • Persons seeking additional biblical and theological grounding to undergird and shape their own vocations in the marketplace.

What Will I Study?

Students pursuing Theological Studies master’s degree will focus on the following areas:

  • Theological Studies Core (42 cr)

    Biblical Studies (include both OT and NT studies; languages not applicable)
    Recommended: OT 5000 and NT 5000
    8-12 hours
    Theological Studies (select from ST, PR, CC, and BE studies)
    Recommended: ST 5101, ST 5102, ST 5103
    9-12 hours
    Historical and Global Studies (select from CH and ME studies)
    Recommended: CH 5010, CH 5060, ME 6410, ME 6760, ME 7450, ME 7710
    5-9 hours
    These courses may focus in a department or area of interest or be selected from across the curriculum.
    12-15 hours
    PT 5000 Personal Assessment and Ministry Orientation 1 hours
    PT 5090 Field Education (two semesters) 0 hours
    ID 7468 Capstone 2 hours