Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Gift Designations

When you make a gift online, you will be asked to designate for your gift to go towards one or more of the following funds:

Area of Greatest Need

These designated gifts go into our General Fund and serve to pay for teaching, research, library services, student scholarships, fellowships, and maintenance and operation of physical properties, among other services.

Pastor’s Scholarship

The pastor’s scholarship is intended for those students whose father is a full-time pastor, pastoral staff member, evangelist, missionary, or Christian camp director.

Minority Scholarship Need-based Scholarship

Based on definitions of the U.S. Census Bureau, these gifts go towards students in need from among the following minority populations: Asian American, Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, American Indian and Alaska Native.


Please indicate if you have a particular area of interest towards which you would like your donation to apply.


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